When our baby girl was born, I quickly grew tired of the overly generic pink and sparkly in all the stores. Now that she’s almost five years old, I am having a hard time finding things that aren’t already too short. If you’ve often found yourself thinking: “I wish I could find this…” let me help you! Add some personalized items to your little girl’s closet. Whether it is a simple skirt, an older, maybe even stained onesie you want to re-purpose in a more fun, colorful way, or a cute dress that touches your girls knees. Let’s work on something that makes you happy. You can chose the length you prefer with the fabric choices that bring you joy.

Prices for skirts start at $15 ($18 shipped) and vary depending on sizing and materials. Prices for twirl dresses start at $25 ($28 shipped) for 12 months – 3T, $25 ($28 shipped) for 4 & 5T and $30 ($33 shipped) for 6 years and up.

Prices for the twirly skirt start at $25