heimatsgefühle: a german word that speaks volumes! 

The gingham in this matilda sister set tucks at my ❤️ heart, transporting me back to childhood summers spent in bavaria. 

The gorgeous floral print reminds me of meadows full of wild 🌼 flowers tucked between mountain tops ⛰ …

… and brings back the sound of cow bells 🐄 that is a constant in the air!

I can’t wait for my girls to be twirling their way through germany this summer … 🛩


mommy and me …

Building confidence in little girls and empowering them is of such tremendous value! And that is why my favorite part about this dress was making a little girl’s vision come to life! 💕 She had something specific in mind. She was set on colors and fabric. She wasn’t swayed! 

She got exactly what she envisioned and now feels like nothing can stop her!

And THAT is why I do what I do…. 😍✌🏻️ 

PS: Mommies shouldn’t have to feel left out right? 😉😂 I had a blast creating this “matching” Mama dress. 💙👩‍👦

easy peasy…

trying to plow through a rigid timeline with a toddler on a busy day is anything but easy peasy! 😬 

(I hear all your mamas chuckling out there 😂). 

Thankfully though, the gorgeous easy peasy peasant dress from Tye Die Diva’s patterns kept its promise! 

I love the playful sleeves and the easy neckline. 

It’s so simple, yet it adds such an adorable detail to the dress.

Most important of all: my two year old toddler was able to pull this on entirely by herself

During a time where everything is “I DOOOOO IT!!!” this proved to be tremendous. Especially, since we were trying to rush out the door to make it to a doctors appointment.

I had to pry the dress off my toddler during quiet time to take a staged photo for you …

… since capturing it on a toddler was also anything but easy peasy. 😳 

Since first posting a picture this morning, I have already received two requests for this fun dress. So, if you love ❤️ it as much as  (my toddler! and) I do, let me know. The possibilities with this simple dress are endless (no ruffles, sooo many sleeve options, color/pattern blocking). After all, spring 🌷 will arrive before we know it, right?! 😉

THE sally dress

One of my goals this year has been to incorporate more dresses into my repertoire.💃🏻 With a toddler that refuses any and all naps, a son’s soccer schedule that takes up many evenings and the majority of our weekends, as well as piano lessons and swimming squeezed into there, and a husband that is rarely home, it’s been tough to find the *extra* time that these projects require over some of my other items. BUT…. I have a slew of new dress patterns and fun ideas and am determined to make it work. 👊🏻After all, I haven’t purchase a store-made skirt or dress for my girls in over a year now. 😉

The first dress I couldn’t wait to introduce to you guys was the Sally dress. I stumbled upon this pattern Shannon created when I was perusing her blog over at Very Shannon . com and I instantly fell in love with it.😍

It’s simplicity had my heart skip a beat.

It’s modern. Clean lines. I love clean lines.

It’s whimsical. I haven’t seen a dress like this before. 

It’s playful. Those pockets…. they hold every childhood treasure imaginable from stuffed animals to sticks, stones, marbles, and even one or the other treat. 

It’s roomy. (My girls are NOT afraid to wrestle their brother and his friends IN dresses. 

It’s sooooo versatile. Dress it up. Dress it down. Short sleeves. Longer sleeves. Sleeveless. Combine it with a turtleneck or a long-sleeve shirt in the winter or just enjoy as is, once we get those warm sun rays back. 

Oh … and all the various fabric combinations! A dream come true.

I started out with a dress for my daughter’s father-daughter dance at school and haven’t stopped sewing it since. If you’re looking for one to spruce up your daughter’s wardrobe, send me a message. I have some amazing fabrics, I haven’t been able to cut into yet.