it’s the simple things…

three kiddos into this parenting thing, I can say with confidence that the saying “it’s the simple things that matter” holds true on so many levels! 

Take the toys for example. Nowadays everything is big, bright, loud AND… lest not forget: educational. 🤔

It’s not always been an easy journey (and there have been a few missteps), but I am proud that we have always tried to reach for simple, basic, universal toys: blocks, trains, costumes, Legos, puzzles. Anything that fosters imagination and creativity. And, despite having an almost nine year old, we continue to remain a video game free home 🙌🏻. 

When my sister introduced me to the pattern for this gorgeous baby doll/stuffed animal carrier, I was elated. 

Or I should say… my girls were over the moon! 

Something so simple, yet it has provided hours of imaginative play and fun for them!

Whether baby dolls or stuffed animals… this carrier works!

It’s been a big hit in my store since I introduced it and I quickly expanded by adding baby doll diapers and wipes for a fun birthday or “big sister” set. 

Check them out! You won’t regret it 🙂 


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