boo 👻

in past years, I have splurged on expensive, personalized boutique 🎃 Halloween bags for my kiddos. i am a sucker for having something unique and really appreciate good quality items. especially, since despite the once-a-year holiday, these bags get a LOT of use in our house. whether it is through pretend play or to carry the 1,000,000 cars we own from one room to the other, somehow the Halloween trick or treat bags are used constantly

unfortunately, the last one I purchased two years ago broke rather quickly! 😳😢 ever since, i’ve been dragging my feet on buying one for child #3, because in all honesty, paying top dollar with three kids adds up soooo quickly 😬….. until I realized this year that our reversible tote bags in a Halloween print are the perfect trick or treat bag. seriously! 👊🏻

they withstand all the rough playing in our house. they have survived all of our library trips and long car rides (I toss them over the head rest to hold extra knick knacks). the short handles allow even toddlers to carry their own “treasures” 🍫🍭🍬 without being dragged on the ground. most importantly, the size of the bag doesn’t become overwhelming for little ones. 

as soon as I pulled out my Halloween prints to get to work on my niece and my youngest’ bags, my big kids came running and begging me for one too.😂

if you’re still looking for a durable, unique trick or treat bag, there’s plenty of time left to shoot me a message. 

Happy trick or treating! 🎃


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